Online Reputation for Everyone

The technical magic to protect your online presence | taught by Sarah Shea

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Online reputation. Digital footprint. Social media presence.

Between social media, school newspapers, club rosters, team websites, volunteer reports, and more, nearly every student today has content about them online. Some of it good. Most of it neutral. And occasionally something negative.

By taking the Cornerstone Reputation workshop, in just 2 hours, students can guide Google to show the content that casts them in a positive light when they get searched online by life's gatekeepers, such as potential employers, college admissions officers, scholarship committees, and athletic coaches.

In the 21st Century, this is something that everyone should do. In it, you will:

  • Learn the essentials of online reputation management
  • Get your own Internet domain name
  • Build a customized website
  • Setup and optimize your primary social media profiles
  • Clean up your privacy settings to match your personal preferences
  • Perform the technical magic needed to ensure you control what Google finds about you
  • Get personalized content creation guidelines, designed to fit into the time you already spend online

Odds are that there is a lot of content about you already on the Internet. What do you want people to find when they search for you? Check out how this workshop helped one of our early students:

Get started by spending a few minutes watching our free content by clicking the "Free Trial" button above.

Have fun!

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Sarah Shea
Sarah Shea
Head of Educational Development

Sarah heads up educational awesomeness for Cornerstone Reputation. After graduating from Princeton, she has served as a management consultant, high school science teacher, yoga instructor, and expert of all things social media.

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By taking this workshop, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Course Curriculum

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Meet Our Cofounder! FREE TRIAL
Your New Website FREE TRIAL
Log in to the Backend of your Website FREE TRIAL
The Cornerstone Accounts Matrix FREE TRIAL
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Module 2: Create Your Cornerstone Accounts
Module 2: Create Your Cornerstone Accounts
Account Creation:
Account Creations: LinkedIn
Account Creation: Facebook
Account Creation: Twitter
Quiz: the CAM
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Module 3: Privacy
Module 3: Privacy
Private by Default
Privacy: LinkedIn
Privacy: Facebook
Privacy: Twitter
Quiz: Privacy
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Module 4: Crosslinking
Module 4: Crosslinking the Matrix
Customize: LinkedIn
Customize: Facebook
Customize: Twitter
What is "Crosslinking"?
Link to the Cornerstone Online Reputation Dashboard
Crosslinking: Part 1
Crosslinking: Part 2
Module 4: Quiz
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Module 5: ORM in Your Digital Life
Module 5: ORM in Your Digital Life
The Cornerstone Research
Choose Your Own Adventure!
The Research: Employers
The Research: College Admissions
The Research: Athletic Recruiters
Quiz: Managing Your New Online Reputation
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Reviews (4)

by Gursharan Kaur

great site

by Ropani Moses
helps you bulid a great reputation for yourself so that employers colleges can also access and see how wonderful you are.

by Nick Safian
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by Gursharan Kaur

great site

by Ropani Moses
helps you bulid a great reputation for yourself so that employers colleges can also access and see how wonderful you are.

by Nick Safian

Definitely worth the time!

by Jennifer Schwartz
This course delivers on its promise of helping students get control of and maximize their online reputation. In a straightforward and conversational manner, Cornerstone walks students through each step of linking their social media profiles in order to improve discoverability. These techniques will only become more important with time, as the internet's role as a resource for employers/schools grows. Thanks for sharing the top-notch tools!